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Maintenance Products

Facility Maintenance

PRC Maintenance is partnering with the top janitorial and sanitation manufacturers to bring you their latest products to help keep your business running clean and safe.

With our new connections, you can expect the following:

  • Convenient and reasonably priced access to some of the leading Facility Maintenance brands (with new brands being constantly added)
  • Exclusive promotions and savings that can be passed on to you
  • Additional support and programs you can depend on

Take a look at the participating manufacturers below:

Sunset Converting Corp

The Sunset Converting Corp is located in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec and uses innovative methods to produce high-quality paper products. Featured brands, such as Everest Pro® and Snow Soft®, provide premium options for paper towel rolls and bathroom tissue products.


Beginning in 1908, Dustbane Products Ltd. has been dedicated to simplifying the cleaning process and exceeding expectations on cleaning product performance. Dustbane is committed to driving innovation, providing quality customer service and developing safe, green and sustainable products for customers.


For 20+ years, Meltco has been focused on not just providing de-icing solutions, but creating solutions for its partners. With that in mind, Meltco has developed environmentally friendly, effective, fast-acting ice melt products backed by a focus on high-quality production and excellent customer service.

Remco Products

Remco Products specializes in the manufacturing of injected-molded polypropylene products to best serve its customers looking for janitorial equipment. Many of the items are both colour‑coded and made from FDA‑compliant materials, while also offering the appropriate solutions to many industry‑specific challenges.


The pioneers of aerosols since 1947, Sprayway® has been considered an innovative industry leader and its signature “Sprayway® Glass Cleaner” is recognized as the World’s Best”. Sprayway® provides a wide range of industries with the products they need, from detailing waxes to industrial lubricants.


With over 115 years of experience, Vikan® has become a leading global provider of hygienic cleaning tools. In order to conform to customer-specific needs and regulatory requirements, Vikan® offers a wide range of cleaning solutions perfect for, among others, the food & beverage, healthcare, education, retail and transport industries.


Starting in 1948, Lavo has been committed to manufacturing high-quality laundry and household cleaning products. Specializing in six different product categories, ranging from liquid bleach to all-purpose cleaners, Lavo maintains a continual focus on consistent quality, the enhancement of classic formulas and the development of new cleaning solutions.


Since 1960, Wipeco has been committed to helping end-users better manage their wiping and absorbent needs, with a focus on affordability and environmentally-friendly practices. With rags, wipers, towels and cloths that are effective tools in a variety of industries, Wipeco is the clear choice to clean up any mess.


For more than 30 years, Polykar® has been focused on manufacturing environmentally‑friendly industrial garbage bags, compostable bags for organic waste and food packaging products. As part of their mission in sustainable packaging, Polykar® has helped the industry reduce its carbon footprint and worked with industry partners to help divert plastic waste away from landfills.


Established in 1997, SpecialMade® is a spin-off company of Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC that specializes in distributing genuine Rubbermaid OEM parts. Whether there is a need for specific replacement parts or some more general accessory items, SpecialMade® is the perfect go‑to brand.

Zenith Safety Products® Matting

When it comes to finding reliable safety equipment at reasonable pricing, Zenith has provided the perfect solution since its inception in 2004. Whether it be anti‑fatigue, entrance or specialty matting needs, the Zenith line of matting products has the perfect solution at a competitive price.


Founded in 1950, Wearwell® was originally built on the conversion of old tires into industrial matting. Today, countless patented products like the Ergodeck interlocking system, GRIT SHIELD high-traction surface and many others help provide effective solutions to unique industrial challenges.

Mat Tech

For over 25 years, Mat Tech has been dedicated to manufacturing safe, effective and aesthetic matting solutions. As leaders in the matting industry, Mat Tech has led the charge in innovation with the first use of microfibres in commercial matting, the uniquely patented foam system and the creation of the first anti‑static mat.

Smith Sprayers

Smith Performance Sprayers are durable, professional products built to work as hard as its users. Split into four distinct product categories – industrial & contractor, turf & agriculture, cleaning & restoration and pest control – each line of sprayers is specifically designed to withstand the environments and applications necessary in order to get the job done.

M2 Professional

Manufactured for quality. Designed for performance. Each M2 Professional product is carefully engineered to live up to each of these statements. Whether the intended use for these cleaning products is in a warehouse, office, school, restaurant or completely different setting, M2 has it covered.

RMP Cleaning Products

RMP Maintenance products are designed to provide a safer solution for both the environment and consumers. They offer a complete line of ECO friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable OECD 301, phosphate-free cleaning products that are effective in cold water and made without ammonia, bleach or carcinogens.

RMP Waste Disposal

RMP garbage bags deliver the value and performance you expect from your waste disposal products. Each bag offers both excellent strength and puncture resistance, providing optimal resiliency no matter the task. Additionally, almost every product offers environmentally-friendly properties, with even certain bio-degradable options available.


For over 30 years, Kleton has established itself as a leading manufacturer of material handling products in Canada. Thoroughly tested to meet or exceed applicable safety and market standards, there is quality and value built into every Kleton product.


Starting in 1915, Makita was initially founded as an electric motor repair company. Today, the company has developed into one of the leading power tool manufacturers and a recognized name within the tool industry. Among its many categories of products are the durable and easy to operate backpack and standard industrial vacuums.


Since 1921, Rust‑Oleum has been focused on developing perfected solutions for every coating challenge a customer is faced with. From paints and coatings to cleaning and protective solutions, the properties synonymous with each Rust‑Oleum product include cutting-edge performance, durability and innovative technology. When it comes to protecting or transforming any surface, Rust‑Oleum has it covered.


A family-owned and managed business since 1969, Americo Manufacturing Company is known for producing high quality products while embracing environmentally sustainable practices. Distributed and sold in over 70 countries worldwide, Americo is one of the leading producers of floor pads, cleaning accessories, OEM specialty nonwovens and floor matting.


Founded in 1919, HOSPECO has evolved over its 100+ year history from its original focus on personal care products in public restrooms for women to become a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products. Today, the diverse HOSPECO product line includes public restroom and hygiene, air care and complimentary cleaning products, which includes gloves, safety items, sorbents and wiping cloths.


For over 50 years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products have pioneered world-class solutions to meet the challenging demands of commercial facilities. Their extensive line of products can be spotted in hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, office buildings, restaurants and airports around the world.

SC Johnson Professional

While SC Johnson has been making recognized brands for more than a century, SC Johnson Professional was born from the needs and experiences of cleaning professionals worldwide. A total solution provider for both industrial and commercial users, their product offering ranges from skin and hard surface care to storage and pest control solutions.