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Hand Safety eBook

Why I wrote this eBook

Having personally sustained a major hand injury, and dealing with the pain, recovery issues, and permanent damage to my left hand, I would like to help others to see the value related to taking the time to finding the appropriate hand protection for the task.
There is a great variety of gloves currently available with appropriate ratings to deal effectively with just about any hazard we need to deal with! 

After serving as a licensed electrical contractor and a building maintenance manager for years, one of the biggest obstacles was finding a RELIABLE source for gloves that would protect my hands from the various hazards I was dealing with on a regular basis.
When I started PRC Supply, I had one main goal:
To become a reliable source for facility supplies.

I have learned about the need for many different types of safety equipment, tools, etc. over the years that I provide for my customers.
I hope to become your "go to source" for anything you need to run your operation smoothly and safely on a daily basis.

Phil Collett

PRC Supply

Hand Safety, Why?

We appreciate that you are interested in hand safety for yourself or your company.

Please fill out the following form, and you will have instant access to your free copy of the eBook.

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We have the industrial supplies you need to keep your business running well and safely.
I fully understand the frustration of not being able to find what you’re looking for.
Let me help you get what you need.
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