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Strongest Nitrile Gloves For
Food Prep Cleaning Chemicals Mechanical Work



Perfect protection on demand

Strong and thick enough to stretch without tearing, pinching, smelling, sticking, leaving residue or having nails poke through


Super Durable

You work hard, so should your gloves. Our Nitrile gloves provide the extra protection and stronger resistance


Comfortable Fit

Fits like your own skin with excellent protection against liquids, oils, grease, glass, and sharp objects.


Multi Purpose

These Latex Free gloves can be used in almost anything. Some medical use, hair coloring, gardening, cleaning, mechanic work, cooking and so much more.


Easy Use

(fits right or left hand).

Easy OPENING, quick to put on and off EVEN when your hands are WET.


Extra Thick

Glove thickness can make or break when it comes to protecting your hands.

Extra 4mil adds excellent puncture resistance and chemical protection




Exceptional Tactile Sensitivity

100% Premium Nitrile

Beaded cuff for added strength. Protects against oil, grease and organic solvents. Superior puncture resistance. Latex-free


CERTIFIED for use in Canadian Food Processing Facilities


Micro-roughened texture provides a dependable grip for almost any application. Perform the most delicate and intricate of tasks with ease.


Reliable Source

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Hear From Our Clients

Based on 1624 reviews
Kelly C. Wilson

As a facility manager, I don't have any time to go through catalogs and shop around for better price, quality, etc. PRC gives me peace of mind knowing that the products have the highest quality and most importantly we can rely on them to deliver products to our door. Huge convenience. I certainly recommend it.


Their gloves are the best. They fit, they don't tear and they protect my team's hands against heavy chemicals. On top they deliver to our door so I don't have to waste anytime. Great company!

George Walker
Nicely Fit

It's hard to find gloves that come with extra sizes. Our team is big and we need a variety of sizes which makes us end up with an unnecessary inventory that we don't use much and run out of the ones we use the most. PRC lets us mix and match cases and saves us time and money. Great service and nice fitting gloves.

Catherine Kyle
Great value

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Paulo Oliver
Complete meal, presto!

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Textured finger tips on our gloves make it easier to grip on items and reinforces the fingers for ultimate protection.

When using gloves the most important part is to protect your hands and the right thickness will provide the appropriate protection without interfering with the flexibility you need to get the job done.

You can use our gloves safely for handling chemicals, in hair salons, food facilities and more.

Our gloves will provide protection with the thickness and the durability of the material for you to get the job done safely.